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LAN/WAN Support

The growing world of Information Technology places heavier burdens on businesses each year. To be competitive in the Information Age, businesses must ensure that all tools are available to get ahead and stay ahead. These tools include competent PC’s and a dedicated network, capable of sending and receiving information 24 hours a day to customers and partners world-wide.

AxisIT is experienced in bringing the Internet to small businesses. Imagine the impact on your business from a dedicated web and e-mail server, sending and receiving data 24 hours a day while delivering detailed product descriptions or pricing to existing or potential customers.

Pricing is based on a per jobsite assessment, depending heavily on the amount of bandwidth required, dedicated service available and number of workstations or solutions to be served.

Sites Designed by AxisIT

AxisIT can setup and maintain this infrastructure that can even allow dial in or remote WiFi access when away from the office or Internet based e-business solutions to drive sales and increase you customer base. We also support wireless configurations to free business from the burden of cables.